Thursday, February 7, 2013

Backup -Into the Cloud

Personal backup/storage solutions

Recently I decided it was time to store my important information ‘in the cloud’.  I developed some requirements and did some research and below are my findings.
·         Use with Mac PC, iPad, Android and iPhone

·         Sync my documents folder between all devices

·         Be able to store/backup my iphoto picture library.  (20,000 pictures)

·         Be able to login with my current email address and not have to manage a new one

Google Drive looks cost effective at $60/year for 100GB, but it is linked to a google account.  I don’t like this because I have several google accounts, none of which are my primary email account. I also don’t like that they want the pictures stored in Picassa.  I don’t want to use picassa.
Drop Box meets all my needs, but at $99/year for 100GB it is pricy. 
Microsoft Skydrive has a client for Mac, PC, iphone, ipad and is $50/year for 100GB.

I will be giving Skydrive a test run. 
Please let me know if there is anything additional I should consider.

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