Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Foot Surgery Blues week 1:

I planned for this for surgery.  I added things to my Netflix queue, did my holiday shopping, and bought some fabric for some fun projects. I know I won't be able to drive for 4-12 weeks. I thought I could get a lot of baking and sewing done.

Here is the spur before surgery:


Here is what I didn't expect:

1. The pain.  It hurts.  It hurts the most going up/down steps. It hurts less when I'm sitting on the couch with my foot elevated on ice. Which is what the Doc said to do. It's hard to bake or sew in this position.  Pain meds are good but only if you are willing to give up certain other bodily functions.  I can't imagine being away from my ice for longer than a couple hours so I'm stuck on the couch.

2. Crutches are a pain.  I am not so coordinated. I cannot put any weight on my right foot if I want things to heal. I face-planted twice on my first day.  You know how easy it is to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night - well try it on crutches in the dark. Why do they put light switches across th room anyway?  On the bright side - I may also end up with a super muscular left leg.

3. It is hard to carry stuff. I need to fill my fancy air cast thingy with ice twice a day.  I can't carry this thing while on crutches.  What happens when everybody goes to work/school and I have no ice? Or coffee?    Waaahhhhh.

4. I have to share my couch and pillows with the dog.  I am not a dog person. The dog farts and jerks in her sleep.  On the other side of the foot is The dog who is afraid of my crutches. My kinda dog.

5. While I'm having a pity party, please add filling bird feeders and bringing in those holiday shopping deliveries to the list of things I can't do right now. :(

This can only get easier - right?